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2012: End of the world?

In November 2009, the world was shocked by the film entitled ‘2012’. Originally, this film which directed by Roland Emmerich based on the Maya clan’s prediction which state our world will end in December 21, 2012.

In this 2012 film, several years before 2012, a geologist names Dr Adrian Helmsley went to India to find evidences that the core of the earth experienced a remarkable warming. After he had done his research about this extraordinary phenomenon, Dr. Adrian reported to his boss, Carl Anheuser that world will faced such kind of violent natural disasters soon. Finally, this report has been submitted to the president of the United States, Thomas Wilson. Then, he held a secret meeting with G8 leaders. As a result, they agreed to carry out special projects in order to face the massive disaster soon.

Based on the 2012 film’s content, there are some issues need to be discuss for instance Maya’s prediction about the cycle of the world will end on 21 December 2012. Do you believe about this prediction?

Actually, there is some history about the Maya’s prediction which strongly related to 2012 film. According to the Canadian archeologist, Kathryn Reese-Taylor who is also a lecturer state that the idea about the Maya’s prediction appeared since 1970. During that time, American journalists and authors from the north began to interpret the prediction derived from Maya’s clan, Aztec and Hopi culture as well. Eventually, it produced one hypothesis which known as ‘Maya’s prediction’.

In 1998, John Mayor Jenkins said in his book entitled Maya Cosmogenesis which is the gods and myths that stated in Maya’s carving have massages about the astronomical motion happened in Izapa’s civilization which is between the Olmec’s civilization and Maya.

Based on this explanation, we can know that Maya’s civilization is filled with mythical gods of paganism. Thus, the translation method used by Jenkins was not acceptable and not reliable. Then, this information was misinterpreted by several persons and eventually it eventually was related with the apocalypse in 2012.

But, John Major Jenkins said, “The end of this world is not in 2012. This is because Maya’s clan had never told the apocalypse will happen in 2012. Actually, the apocalypse myth is created by Hollywood. It purposes just for to generate more money.

In year 2002, Daniel Pinchbeck has written his second book entitled ‘2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl’. According to his opinion from this book, he obviously stated any ideas or predictions about year 2012 are based on forecasts of future (necromancer). In Islam, divination is forbidden thing because it can damage Muslim’s faith.

What about Maya’s Astronomy Calendar? In ‘Ask an Astrobiologist’s website, David Morrison as a NASA senior said the function of the Maya’s Calendar just to determine the time and not to predict the future. He added, all kind of calendars either the modern calendar or the ancient calendar are unable to predict the future.

Apolinario Chile Pixtun, one of the modern Maya’s clan leaders denied the information that claim the end of the day will occur in 12 December 2012 by referring to Maya’s calendar. This entire allegation is not true at all. He added, all of the apocalypse’s theories are from the west, not from the Maya’s clan.

His opinion was supported by David Stuart who is a Maya epigraphy expert from University of Texas said Maya’s clan had never claimed about the end of the day and also about something bad will happen. They just posted a warning of future in their monument.

If we doing some researches about planet Nibiru or planet X, we will find some information that Planet Nibiru is heading to the earth. But, based on statement from NASA about this issue, it just a lie in the internet. According to them again, if our world is threaten by this planet, we can know about this situation at least ten years ago.

About an issue which is a big meteor will hit the earth in 2012, NASA answered that the earth always being threatened by comets, asteroid but just in small size only. However, our earth had ever hit by a big meteor about 65 million years ago which lead to the dinosaur extinction.

Now, NASA’s astronomers in Space guard Survey are doing observation either there are any big asteroid heading to the earth or not. Until now, there is no asteroid as big as asteroid that destroyed dinosaur population long time ago. Furthermore, NASA also confirmed there is no asteroid impact in year 2012.

What about the conspiracies in 2012 film? Actually, for those who like to search more about the world conspiracies, they can know that in 2012, something important will happen in this world. We just able to predict about what will happen to this world in 2012 but we do not know exactly about it.

It was just like what happened to the World Trade Centre in United States of America during 9/11 tragedy. After this tragedy, then the conspiracy theorist knew actually this kind of big incident had been planned so carefully by the hidden society for several important purposes. Eventually, Muslim is blamed as a terrorist because be a mastermind behind this global crime and the fake characters such as Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda was created in order to blind our attention: who is the real terrorist?

Let we explore some of the conspiracy elements in the 2012 film. One of the important scenes in this films where the U.S. navy ship which is name of this ship is John F. Kennedy was selected to hit the white house during the tsunami disaster in 2012. The question is why navy ship named John F. Kennedy was selected to hit white house?

According to the conspiracy theorist, this kind of scene was created in order to reflect what John F. Kennedy had done that lead to his killing tragedy. Actually, he had opened some of the top secrete where there is ‘hidden power’ that control the US government and world as well. In fact, Princess Diana also received the same fate similar with John F. Kennedy.

Another conspiracy element in this film is when the radio announcer, Charlie Frost always repeats his statement before he was pinned by volcano’s stone. He said “To all Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Rastafarian... We must be ONE family now. We Will be ONE!“

For what the word ‘one’ was always mentioned by him? Another question: is it for what they show all strong countries like China, India, Russia and other countries agree with the U.S security plan by that Atlantis ship? Or is it the word ‘one’ is referring to the Zionist’s big project: to create “New World Order” in 2012?

You can answer yourself all of these questions. From all of these evidences, now you can choose your own stand either to believe about the apocalypse in 2012 or not.